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09/21/2013 12:00 AM

09/20/2013 4:45 PM

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Parole boards do not feel enough concern for children. A child suffers from a pedophile’s abuse for years. Even the elderly have nightmares because of sexual abuse during childhood. How many abused women, drug addicts and alcoholics trace their difficulties to it? When does the guy finally pay?

“E Pluribus Unum” suggests we are one people with a common bond and cultural unity. Our uniqueness is because we are blessed with a government based on God-given private rights. Let’s not allow big-government advocates such as President Obama to take over our individual freedoms.

Instead of Obama raising people up and giving them the freedom to prosper, he is succeeding in creating a permanent underclass that he and his fellow elitists can control to their hearts’ desire.

I am getting whiplash from reading Cal Thomas’ columns. In a matter of three weeks, the self-proclaimed foreign policy expert has gone from arguing that military force is the only way to get things done, to arguing that military force never works, to arguing that negotiations can’t work.

Is there any chance that the Kansas Turnpike will use a portion of those 50-cent fares to build a longer entrance ramp leaving the Kansas Star Casino heading toward Wichita?

About whether those who click their door-lock remotes multiple times prove “this country is being dumbed down”: My remote uses one push for driver door only, two pushes for the other doors and the back, where I put my purchases.

I click the vehicle remote twice to verify it locks by the sound of the horn beep. I suppose it is dumb to hit the button in order to find your car in the parking lot, too.

The reason people may hit their car alarm twice when locking their car is because it shuts off the headlights. Driving with headlights on is safer. Plus, it’s the law on rainy days.

The Eagle could improve its grammar and word choice. But its missteps are nothing compared with those of broadcasters. Does anyone know the proper uses of “myself,” “me” and “I” or the difference between “less” and “fewer”?

The way to not get caught folding laundry in the living room is to not fold laundry in the living room.

Miss Kansas had tattoos? Sorry, I didn’t notice them.

To the parent whose daughter wants two tattoos for her birthday to mimic Miss Kansas: Just say “no.”

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