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September 20, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 20)

Saying more guns is the solution to gun violence is like saying more beer is the solution to alcoholism.

Saying more guns is the solution to gun violence is like saying more beer is the solution to alcoholism.

Vote out the gun-grabbers. We don’t need any anti-Constitution pols in office. Period.

Detroit declaring bankruptcy? California a basket case? Let the stench rise until even liberals cannot pretend what they are smelling is rosewater.

Crisis in Syria? I think the crisis is in Washington, D.C., with the inept leadership this country has.

It’s high time that able-bodied welfare recipients went by an old saying: “Off your butt and on your feet, out of the shade and in the heat.”

I agree that a cheat is a cheat. Besides the wealthy hiding money in offshore accounts, and poor people cheating to get food stamps, drivers who violate traffic laws have to be included as cheaters.

On a recent morning, I encountered a driver who missed my front bumper by mere inches when cutting in front of me. He could have caused a multicar wreck in heavy traffic but seemed quite proud of himself. I think it is high time Wichita police start targeting aggressive drivers again.

Driving around east Wichita on Sept. 11, I was surprised to see the flag not flying at half-staff at three private schools my children attended. It was being properly flown at two public schools and a bank.

As an Oklahoma alumnus who has followed OU football for many years, I would say that Wichita’s own Blake Bell made an outstanding case as to who should be the Sooners’ starting quarterback.

What are the OSU football players’ favorite words? “Show me the money.”

Why should students get help if they will not serve in the military?

Why would you change the name of the airport to Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower International Airport? He was not originally from this state. He was from Texas. It’s Kansas wanting to get on the bandwagon. Get a grip.

I think we should wait until the new airport is completed before renaming it. If the terminal turns out to be a huge disappointment, and the parking garage so small you can never find a place to park, we may want to name it after Gov. Sam Brownback.

These screaming leaf blowers shouldn’t be sold without a warning tag that reads, “Unlawful to blow lawn waste into streets or gutters.” And there should be an easy-access number for reporting this violation.

Based on the number of annoying and eventually embarrassing flybys over the stage during the performances of Billy Dean and the Gatlin Brothers at the state fair, that helicopter pilot must have thought he was part of the concert.

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