Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 19)

09/19/2013 12:00 AM

09/18/2013 3:53 PM

It is bad enough that Kansans have to be embarrassed by the Westboro Baptist Church and Kathleen Sebelius. Now we have to be shamed by a tattooed Miss Kansas.

It makes more sense to select a woman with tattoos for Miss America than it did to elect a community organizer as president.

Every time we go to war, we create a new group that hates our country – the other side.

Bashar Assad has killed fewer than 2,000 using chemical weapons. This is an atrocity. In the USA, more than 52 million unborn human babies have been legally killed by abortion, also an atrocity. Perhaps we need to clean up our heinous acts before we start punishing others.

We can’t trust Vladimir Putin and Bashar Assad on a chemical weapons deal. But wait – those guys are more trustworthy than Barack Obama and John Kerry.

Obama’s incompetent handling of the Syria issue is proof positive that he never had any business being president. He has traveled the world apologizing for the United States. I am now apologizing to the whole world that the United States ever elected him president.

Obamacare has nothing to do with your health. The government couldn’t care less about it. It is all about government control. How far does the abuse of power have to go before freedom-loving Americans say “no more”?

The Kansas congressional delegation appears to be part of the “obstructionist” wing of the Republican Party that has no intention to pass meaningful legislation but only wants to disrupt the normal process of governing.

Why should some Westar Energy customers buy “smart” thermostats for other customers? This sort of cost shifting or “sharing” is un-American and needs to end. People who want these units must pay the entire cost.

With all the layoffs and low morale at Spirit AeroSystems, let’s call it like it is and really question the merit of the divestiture. It negatively affected most employees, and writing off a billion dollars in charges in the past year isn’t exactly a business model to be copied.

High school football is the favorite sport of The Eagle’s sports department. That is almost all there is in the news.

The fires and flooding in Colorado are all pot-related. We must eradicate the evil weed. Or maybe there are just too many guns. Or if the truth were known, it just might be the weather.

If you ask me, Rush Limbaugh should be reading children’s books, not writing them.

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