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09/19/2013 12:00 AM

09/18/2013 3:52 PM

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Not every household needs a gun – only the ones that are going to be victimized. What we need (and will never have) is a crystal ball to know which households will be targeted.

If the massacre of 20 first-graders didn’t tweak the conscience of gun-toting Americans into considering even modest gun control, it’s a given this latest rampage won’t either. The killing will continue, because too many folks simply don’t care.

“Gun-free” zones should be called what they are – free-kill zones.

I’m beginning to think there is something Freudian going on with the NRA.

Hey, ’Merica: More guns are the answer to this gun problem. Git er done.

Gov. Sam Brownback and most legislators believe KanCare is a great success. So they understand what providers are going through, withhold 40 percent of their pay and require them to make repeated pleas for payment for six months, and only then pay them a small portion of what they are owed.

If President Obama’s goal is for the average American to be as poor as the average Kenyan, then the Affordable Care Act is a major accomplishment. Wait and see.

Any business that exists because of tax breaks shouldn’t exist.

WSU president John Bardo wants to increase enrollment by 7,000. What a joke. He doesn’t have parking for the 15,000 students he has now.

Am I the only one wondering why WSU canceled the Dean’s Scholars program and is now paying a recruiting firm $700,000 to increase enrollment?

Hey, WSU – want to increase enrollment? How about a football program?

Be thankful for country music at Intrust Bank Arena. Without it, the arena would go broke.

Congratulations to Bombardier on the successful first flight of the new CSeries aircraft. The success and growth of Bombardier will mean good things for Wichita.

A few years back I took a tour and a flight in a B-25 in Wichita. I highly recommend the experience. If you see what the WWII airmen went through, you will truly understand what heroes they were. Bless them all.

Which came first, the snitch or the tattletale?

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