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09/18/2013 12:00 AM

09/17/2013 5:24 PM

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We will not begin to see an end to gun violence in this country until we admit that too many uncontrolled guns are the major reason for far too many killings. Are you aware of that, lawmakers?

Once again, a bad guy with guns intentionally strikes where guns aren’t readily available – like military bases, of all places.

If you make a place a “gun-free zone” but don’t have metal detectors, all you do is make a shooting gallery.

About 73 percent of voters favor regulating the sale of some guns and large clips. This does not infringe on your right to buy a gun. It ensures my right to live in a free country. If every household needs a gun, our society has sunk to a new low.

How close to Capitol Hill does the next domestic massacre have to be before the political hawks aim the nation’s moral duty to prevent such carnage toward the homeland rather than at some distant land?

We used to say, “If it ain’t Boeing, we ain’t going.” Now we say, “Take Airbus; they stayed with us.”

Kansas should do away with primary elections. Have a general election in which people run as a Democrat, Republican or any party and voters can vote for any candidate. If necessary, the two with the most votes can have a runoff. Then the winners can truly say they represent Kansans.

As a small-business owner, I hire employees as needed. Gov. Sam Brownback’s new tax plan will not influence my decision. Shame on him for hurting the poor.

Larry Summers is largely responsible for the existence of unregulated derivatives. It is incredible that President Obama supported him for Fed chairman and continues to praise him for saving our economy. What’s worse – a president who doesn’t understand, or one who does and supports his cronies anyway?

Whose economy is growing? Not mine.

The Republicans have hit a new low. In their attempt to make sure Obama fails at all costs, they have sided with Russia’s communist leader, Vladimir Putin. I would bet Ike, Nixon and Reagan are turning in their graves seeing their beloved party today.

How is health care reform one of Obama’s great accomplishments when the majority of the country doesn’t want it and it’s forcing employers to cut hours because they can’t afford it?

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