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September 17, 2013

Opinion Line (Sept. 17)

The Miss America contest proved once again that those with exposed tattoos are not winners.

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The Miss America contest proved once again that those with exposed tattoos are not winners.

Tattoos or no tattoos, Theresa Vail represented Kansas exceedingly well. How refreshing.

My middle school daughter wants two tattoos for her birthday. Thanks, Miss Kansas.

Making Wichita more walkable? Not with my taxes, you don’t. You’re already taxing me to build bike paths. Why don’t you tax shoes and bicycles to pay for those things?

The city is willing to spend $500,000 for bike lanes and paths? If it made half the streets into bike paths, bikes still would clutter our two-lane roads out in the county. How much fuel is wasted trying to get past these people who consider the street a playground?

Before assessing 100 percent of our population to fund bike niceties, first determine what percentage of people use them and weigh that along with the percentage of days one can use those facilities based on Wichita weather patterns.

If we named our airport after President Obama, as one reader suggested, we wouldn’t know whether the flights were coming or going.

For ridding Syria of chemical weapons without firing a shot, our president should win another Nobel Peace Prize.

The realities of 21st-century American wars: The poor die, the poor pay, and the rich get richer.

The state fair has come and gone, but the entertainment stays the same. Same with the Wichita River Festival. When are we going to get some entertainment other than country music? And I paid taxes like other citizens to help build that arena and have not gotten anything in return.

Walking around the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson, seeing all the folks with their college gear on, I realized it really is the annual all-class reunion for K-State grads.

With its artery-clogging, unhealthy food, the fair is like the tobacco industry, slowly killing off its best customers.

Ah, nuts – the Wichita Wingnuts lost the much-deserved American Association championship, but what a fantastic season they had. I can’t wait for ’14.

And the award for most obnoxious local commercial goes to … Super Car Guys.

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