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September 15, 2013

Opinion Line (Sept. 15)

Our president is getting schooled in international diplomacy about five years too late.

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Our president is getting schooled in international diplomacy about five years too late.

We are talking tough to the small, defenseless country of Syria for using chemical weapons. Do you think we would be saying the same thing to China or the Soviet Union? I love Obama’s selective moral outrage.

I’d like to ask Rep. Mike Pompeo how insulting his president at every opportunity helps him work with the president to seek a peaceful solution in Syria. I respect his opinion, but his attitude stinks. Such comments are exactly why Congress has such a low approval rating.

Republicans fail in presidential elections and the popular vote because they have high moral ethical values – something our culture does not care about anymore. We are in a tailspin and can’t pull up. We will crash soon with our current leadership.

Working at Spirit AeroSystems is like being a goldfish in a blender – you never know when someone’s going to push the button.

With the layoffs at Spirit and the plant closure at Boeing, it is fairly obvious that the Boeing Co. isn’t doing our community any favors. Not that it has to, but this community did a lot for Boeing for a very long time.

Aircraft workers make above-average salary and benefits. The aircraft industry always has layoffs. Workers should save part of their money to pay their expenses when laid off.

Why do people mention only aircraft layoffs when referring to the local economy? All of the layoffs and jobs eliminated are painful to the area.

For the first time in a century, the top 10 percent of earners took in more than half of the country’s total income last year. What impact does this have on our society? How can the average American think there’s a chance to improve his lot in life?

Enough of the nonsense that we shouldn’t be looking for fossil fuels in the 21st century.

Fracking added the equivalent of $1,200 to real household income last year because of lower costs for raw materials, passed on to consumers in lower home heating and electricity bills. Politicians may never appreciate that fracking is more beneficial to our economy than government spending.

A business owner friend received $12,000 in tax relief from Gov. Sam Brownback. Another friend with a disabled child lost $300 in food sales-tax refund. Have a few shots of $75-a-bottle whiskey on the disabled Kansans, my business friend. Eat more cake, my other friend.

It’s surprising that no one has mentioned naming the new Wichita airport after Amelia Earhart. After all, Dwight Eisenhower wasn’t a famous pilot, was he? Is she not mentioned because she crashed?

It appears that George Zimmerman is going end up like O.J. Simpson. He just can’t stay out of trouble.

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