Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 16)

09/16/2013 12:00 AM

09/13/2013 6:42 PM

The whining football players are getting paid off because no one told them they could get hurt. Who’s next? Carpenters because they could get splinters? Lifeguards because they could get wet? Doctors because they may have to be around sick people?

Conservatives are quick to whip out the Constitution. However, they have been silent when it comes to Gov. Sam Brownback wiping out the system of checks and balances that has been a critical piece of how our government works. Such is their need for power to build the conservative utopia.

So now we find out the “hope” in Barack Obama’s campaign slogan means that he hopes Vladimir Putin can save him after he put his foot in his mouth about a red line.

Ah, if only the right wing could comprehend the concept of catching more flies with honey than vinegar. But comprehension would imply the ability for rational thinking. We all know rational thinking and the right wing are absolute aliens to each other.

I wonder why Republicans are afraid of illegals voting. They sure don’t mind using them for the cheap labor.

Generally speaking, the best way to influence another person’s opinion does not include name-calling and espousing a single-minded, simple solution to all the world’s problems.

Have the Sedgwick County commissioners trade places with the elephants. The elephants would do a good job managing the county and the zoo could make a lot money from curiosity seekers watching the commissioners.

How outrageous of the driver’s license offices to charge a “convenience” fee to renew when you are from another county. After all, it is a state license and it is a state office. Someone explain to me how this is legal.

KAKE, Channel 10, has made the worst mistake by letting Jeff Herndon get away. He made the news program. He was such a professional young man delivering the news, and we immediately trusted him. I am just sick about this, as are many others.

Wichita TV weathermen: Please take one step back so we can see the map east of Wichita, where some of us live.

People need to remember that you can get the most information online, but not necessarily the best information.

The national news media look like they have a liberal bias because Kansas is dominated by conservatives. If you lived in a state controlled by liberals, the national media would appear to have a conservative bias. It’s all relative.

I hope Jane Fonda is nominated for an Oscar for “The Butler.”

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