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September 16, 2013

Opinion Line (Sept. 16)

What will Republicans have to complain about when Hillary Clinton does not play golf?

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What will Republicans have to complain about when Hillary Clinton does not play golf?

Those most hurt by the failed economic policies of President Obama are the demographic groups most responsible for his election. Blacks, Hispanics, single mothers who work and the uneducated will suffer the most. Yet liberals continue to beat the cacophonous drum that leads the march to serfdom.

How many employers don’t have a clue what’s being taught in schools? Let’s see a show of hands.

The Sedgwick County Commission can find $31.2 million for elephants, but local government can’t build a 13th Street bridge over the Big Ditch that actually ties 13th Street together.

Of course the money was going to be found to keep the elephants at the Sedgwick County Zoo. After all, the elephant is the GOP symbol and we are a Republican state.

To bemoan the cost of admission to the zoo is ridiculous. It cost $100 for a family of four to get in once? A household season pass is $114.50 and good all year. Read the signs by the ticket windows. You might realize how affordable the zoo is.

Is anyone else getting tired of all these “Shame on...” banners around Wichita?

I am appalled at the retail shopping establishments in Wichita whose parking lots are like the surface of the moon. I guess they are too busy making money to repair the lots.

If Alex Harb wants to break into the Wichita restaurant scene (Sept. 12 Business Today) with a real coup, he should find a way to get White Castle to allow him to open two or three stores here.

For the drivers who speed up if they think you have pulled out too closely in front of them: Who truly is being the idiot here?

I saw 10 sheriff’s deputies having lunch at the same time at a Mexican restaurant. Not only is no one watching the streets, no one is watching the deputies.

How many phone books does one household need?

Check out therapists and counselors thoroughly before confiding in them. Most are professional and caring, but some are in worse shape than their clients.

I’m at the point in my life where the “good old days” were my midlife crisis.

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