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09/14/2013 12:00 AM

09/13/2013 5:59 PM

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Miss Kansas is the beauty contestant to show off her tattoos. That has to make us proud. Move over, Westboro Baptist Church.

Tattoos? Who cares? She serves her country in the Kansas National Guard medical corps. I spent 27 months in Afghanistan. If she took care of the young soldiers I was with, she’s a hero. She’s awesome and I hope she becomes Miss America. She serves all of us.

It looks like God is sending the rain to Colorado as punishment for recalling legislators who support background checks for gun purchases. Hooray.

Colorado is a good reminder that it is OK for voting citizens to hand out pink slips.

Anyone who doesn’t realize how much this country is being dumbed down just has to stand in any parking lot and listen to the number of people who press their remote multiple times when it requires only one time to lock or unlock your vehicle.

According to many, the basis for not taking action to prevent further genocide in Syria is because “the U.S. is not the world’s police force.” Unfortunately, if we don’t step up to the job, Vladimir Putin and his gang are more than willing to fill the position.

Do we really want to go to war with Barack Obama, John Kerry and Chuck Hagel running the show?

Now that Obama has al-Qaida on the run, Putin has Obama on the run.

President Eisenhower had no connection to Wichita and always considered Pennsylvania to be his home. On the other hand, President Obama has many connections to Wichita. We should name the airport after him.

The Americans With Disabilities Act does more harm than good.

I have no sympathy for those affected by the hurricane and now the fire on the boardwalk in New Jersey. The strong union will not allow any professional help from other states. Deal with it, Gov. Chris Christie.

State nullification is absolutely needed now, because the federal government routinely makes and sustains unconstitutional laws. Furthermore, I suggest peaceful law nullification by individuals to take back our rights.

The end times can’t be far off with a world human population of 7 billion, accelerating ecological damage, and an entrenched ignorance fueled by Fox News, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the Republican Party.

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