Opinion Line (Sept. 13)

09/13/2013 12:00 AM

09/12/2013 5:35 PM

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If Russia and Syria succeed in getting poisonous gas weapons out of Syria and destroyed, our president could come out of an apparently no-win situation smelling like a rose.

A spanking makes some children more obedient and others more rebellious. I believe Bashar Assad is of the latter group. If so, a limited attack on Syria will have the opposite effect the president intends.

For Harry Truman, the buck stopped with him. For Obama, the buck stops with anyone he can pass it to. Golf, anyone?

If Barack Obama had submitted his resume to a human resources department, it would have shown him the door. No experience or accomplishments. Just smooth and a good talker. We are paying the price now.

President Obama is a man of intelligence and integrity, and in spite of no cooperation from the Republicans he has managed to do some very important things for the country. Those trash talkers who send in slanderous, factless opinions make me want to puke.

To the person who said “Barack Obama is not a leader”: The last good leader we had, John Kennedy, was assassinated. The next year, the last potential Republican leader we had, Barry Goldwater, frightened American voters and lost the presidency.

So now the recalled Democrat Colorado Senate president is afraid that the voters have figured out they have the power to remove politicians who don’t listen to the voters. That, sir, is what we call democracy.

There is only one unifying principle that the tea party Republicans have at this moment, and that is making sure that 30 million people do not have health insurance.

Here’s the new tax plan: Every payday, send one-third of your check to Westar Energy, one-third to the Wichita water department and one-third to the City Council to waste on cosmetic projects downtown.

City Council member Jeff Longwell’s support of the city’s proposed water-line warranty program is another example of his fondness for big government and its programs.

How about awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Matthew Shepard and Emmett Till?

Some genius decided to put a key lock only on the driver’s side of vehicles. I’d like to punch him in the jimmy.

“Love thy neighbor” isn’t always applicable.

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