Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 12)

09/12/2013 12:00 AM

09/11/2013 6:13 PM

By pitting Americans against each other, President Obama produces both the distraction and the fuel to facilitate his goal of fundamental change: communism.

To say government is the problem makes sense with monarchies, oligarchies and dictatorships, but to say it about a democratic government is to say the people are the problem. The solution to governmental abuse is not to dismantle government. It is to give it back to the people.

We don’t need another Democrat war.

Those on the Nobel Peace Prize committee who voted to award it to Obama should resign and be exiled to Syria or Yemen.

United we stood. Divided we are falling. Thank you, tea party.

Of course your vote counts. That’s why the Republicans want to take it away from you.

Instead of whining about some folks not being able to get a photo ID for voting, why don’t you whiners find out why their names are on the list and help them get the ID – if they are truly eligible?

I think using President Eisenhower’s name for the new airport is a great idea. I support it strongly.

Wichita is no more the middle of the North American continent than the Earth is the center of the universe. Having an airport name that indicates Wichita is the middle of the continent just makes us look silly.

Here is the future: Fast-food workers make $15 per hour. Consumers eat at home more. Fast-food restaurants go out of business. Fast-food workers have no job.

Kansas just got a whole lot uglier with the formation of the Westar Corporation Commission.

The subsidy payments to farmers, and even dead farmers, are outrageous. Kansans, are we really so stupid as to let this continue? Check it out online. It will make you sick.

It’s hard to believe they can make a good thriller-type movie without graphic violence, nudity and sexual innuendo. The producers of “Closed Circuit” have done just that.

How about a sequel to the movie “Mr. Mom”?

I heard a Goddard High graduate say, “We don’t got that one.”

The only thing that loves me is mosquitoes.

K-State fans can now worship a statue of Bill Snyder, the football coach who has never won a national title. Snyder is a legend in your own peanut-size brains.

Synonym for a sieve: The K-State defense during North Dakota State’s last drive.

It is time to “know the creator of the universe” (Aug. 31 Letters to the Editor). But it will be science, not religion, that will give me the introduction.

The four corners of deceit: government, academia, science, the news media.

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