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09/12/2013 12:00 AM

09/11/2013 6:12 PM

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Use 2 percent of the budget for every piece of legislation, department and agency to define the goals of each and develop measurable ways to determine if the goals are being accomplished. If not, fix them or cut them. We should have real accountability.

I support naming the airport after President Eisenhower. But in the present political climate, don’t we have to name it “RINO Airport”?

Giving permission to this administration to shoot missiles at Syria would be like giving firecrackers and a lighter to a 4-year-old at a preschool.

Let the law of the world’s court decree Bashar Assad’s punishment. It may take a while, but the justice due him will be delivered and can be done without a new war.

It was posited that Saddam Hussein moved his WMDs to Syria before the U.S. invasion and after he gassed his own people. This theory was painted as another “George Bush lie” by the liberal press and Democrats. Maybe this deserves a second thought.

I see the sun came up again today. It must be part of Obama’s social agenda on renewable energy.

It is disgusting to discover just how deceitful the National Security Agency’s comments to the public (and even to Congress) have been. Mass collection and computer processing of all Americans’ call and Internet data are a daily occurrence at the NSA. Our government has failed us.

America spends $200 billion a year on Internet purchases. Let’s be fair and stop taxing in-store sales or start taxing all Internet sales. It’s no wonder revenues are down.

So Koch Industries is spending $7.2 billion to purchase Molex. I guess all those taxes and regulations haven’t hurt the Kochs a whole lot. Now I wish they would quit whining about taxes and regulations while spending millions to buy our government.

Want to be a millionaire? Open a car wash in Butler County and tell the people what it is and how to use it.

During football season, the Sports section should be renamed Bishop Carroll Update. Even when USD 259 kids are doing great, The Eagle highlights private schools.

The best recipes in your mother’s and grandmothers’ cookbooks or recipe boxes are the ones with food stains all over them.

I am interested in how many DUI arrests were made shortly after Zoobilee. I’ll bet zero.

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