Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 11)

09/11/2013 12:00 AM

09/10/2013 5:30 PM

At what point are we going to move on and stop making an issue of Sept. 11 each year? Apparently this unhealthy obsession will not be put to rest anytime soon. Many other nations have suffered much worse, yet they don’t continue to obsess over things year after year.

It has been a year since the murder of U.S. citizens and the invasion of U.S. soil in Benghazi, and unbelievably, no one in Libya or, even more important, in the U.S. government has been arrested and charged for their responsibility in those crimes.

President Obama gives speech after speech after speech. It has become more evident that he really doesn’t have much to say.

The U.S. government is like the Tiny Tim song, tiptoeing through the tulips with Syria and Russia.

To bomb Syria or not to bomb, that is the question. Our amateur in chief can only blame others to veil his lack of insight.

Dresden. My Lai. Syria. “And so it goes.”

If Caleb Stegall really is the most qualified person for the Kansas Court of Appeals, why not release the names of the other applicants? Somehow I don’t trust Gov. Sam Brownback on this one, especially since his lawyer was passed over twice. Remember Harriet Miers? But Bush didn’t have a rubber-stamp Senate.

We are not a poor nation. It’s just that the tightfisted 1 percent isn’t as generous on a per capita basis as the rest of us. Too much wealth concentrated in the hands of too few people is not a good thing.

On recent trips, I’ve seen gasoline prices of $3.20 in Missouri, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Virginia; $3.10 in South Carolina and Georgia; and $3.27 in Dallas. Even the turnpike was a dime less than Wichita’s $3.57. There seems to be something wrong with this picture.

I have a money-saving idea for the city of Wichita. Take down all the stop signs, since no Wichita driver seems to know what they mean anyway.

If you would stop impeding traffic in the passing lane on Kellogg, there would be no one trying to zip around the other lanes. Let law enforcement enforce the speed limit. Dawdlers should stay in the slow lanes.

The spike in traffic fatalities in Wichita calls for strict traffic law enforcement that includes severe fines for all traffic violations. Now is the time to make believers out of drivers and the cops.

Richard Crowson outdid himself with his fantastic editorial cartoon in the Sunday Eagle.

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