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September 10, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 10)

If Tim Tebow wasn’t a Christian, you wouldn’t be hearing all the brouhaha about him. The devil loves to try to drag a good man down.

If Tim Tebow wasn’t a Christian, you wouldn’t be hearing all the brouhaha about him. The devil loves to try to drag a good man down.

I hear that Vice President Joe Biden wants Janet Napolitano on the Supreme Court. You’ve got to be kidding. Are these people nuts, on drugs or what?

It is extremely disturbing that President Obama wants to launch a military strike in Syria, where we have no business and no U.S. interests. But when Americans were under attack and dying in Benghazi, he would not authorize scrambling jets or any attempt at a rescue mission.

I wish you Benghazi zealots would get off your bandwagon. The Republicans cut the funding for more security to embassies all over, so they simply did not have the security they needed.

It seems Charlie Rose of CBS needs to take over Secretary of State John Kerry’s job. Rose is certainly better at it.

For years the president has beckoned for a bipartisan Congress. Finally, he has that wish on the Syrian war issue. Both sides are in agreement against him.

Why are we trying to enforce the rules of the Chemical Weapons Convention on Syria? Syria never agreed to the terms of the contract and therefore didn’t sign it. It has no obligation to anyone to not use chemical weapons.

The next president, for sure, will need a world apology tour to mend situations that Obama has caused.

It’s funny how apparently Obama has taken all this “vacation” time that’s somehow related to the White House not being open for tours, but by this time in Bush’s reign he’d taken far more – and during wartime. Wake up, conservatives.

If liberal leaders actually told the truth about what their agenda is, they would lose most of the people who support them now, and they know it. That’s why they lie constantly about everything.

If you think the president has anything to do with gas prices, then you shouldn’t talk politics.

Imagine our country if Charles Krauthammer would become our 45th president. Our freedoms would be restored.

This tea party voter doesn’t like the influence business has on our government.

There appears to be an overabundance of whiners demanding action only to complain about the action taken in an endless cycle of insanity. A NASCAR explanation: Our tires are grabbing very little traction, and a loud whining sound can be heard going down the track.

To the people of Kansas: Just when was the last time a Democrat raised your taxes in Kansas, and just when was the last time a Republican raised your taxes in Kansas?

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