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09/10/2013 12:00 AM

09/09/2013 5:17 PM

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No course of action to be taken in Syria benefits U.S. interests. From doing nothing to putting boots on the ground, and all options in between, Syria is a lose-lose proposition. Please stay out of Vietnam – sorry, Syria.

If you want to destroy an enemy, throw a brick through your own window and your enemy will be blamed. That is what the rebels, who are controlled by al-Qaida, are doing in Syria. Bashar Assad is not good, but the rebels are worse.

Mr. President, it’s Sweden calling. They want your Nobel Peace Prize back.

Of course Obama deserves his Nobel Peace Prize. Who else could single-handedly turn the GOP into a party of peaceniks?

The chicken hawks are just regular old chickens. The civilized world said “no more chemical warfare.” If our president must go it alone domestically and among our international allies to punish Syria’s Assad, then so be it.

What does Rep. Mike Pompeo not understand about voting for the will of his constituents and staying out of Syria?

Suggested names for the airport: Heartland Airport, Oz Airport or, my personal favorite, the Doo-Dah Airport.

It’s kind of funny – the only people I’ve met who don’t like the idea of renaming the airport after Dwight Eisenhower are far-right conservative Republicans.

Public education has been spinning ever since academic bigwigs living in ivory towers got on their high horses preaching positive self-esteem. The results are students feeling good about inferior performances. Our students are outsmarting their teachers, and educational standards are going down.

I am not sure which is worse: appointing a state budget director who used erroneous numbers while planning large budget deficits, or choosing your own attorney for the Kansas Court of Appeals after a panel of legal experts twice determined he was not best qualified to sit on the court.

Pro football is getting out of control. With the throwing of punches, DUIs, drug arrests, dog killing and murders, it should be called the National Felons League. These self-indulgent, highly paid professional idiots are giving the sport a bad name and having a bad influence on our children.

I was so sad to hear Jeff Herndon was leaving KAKE, Channel 10. Now that he’s leaving, I’ll be watching another news program.

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