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09/08/2013 12:00 AM

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Cutting electric rates for large businesses and raising rates for residential customers is unfair. Businesses can pass utility costs on to customers. People can’t pass along an increase in expenses to anyone. Those increases will have to come out of what they are already trying to live on.

One headline in Thursday’s Eagle read, “Kan. tightens eligibility for food stamps.” Another read, “Millions still struggle with hunger in U.S.” Middle ground has become like a greased pig at the county fair.

Food stamp cards can be used for candy, cookies, ice cream and soft drinks? No wonder we have a national obesity problem. Eliminating these would certainly help reduce the cost of the food stamp program and medical costs. Of course, the food and soft drink lobby would strenuously object.

I have been in a checkout line more than once and witnessed the person ahead of me pay for some items with food stamps and then pay for steaks and other high-dollar foods with cash. I call it fraud.

I volunteer to be the food stamp payee for a severely disabled gentleman who desperately needs the program. Don’t spout off to me because you disapprove of the food I am buying or the quality of my clothing. Your time would be better spent volunteering for the disabled or elderly.

Should we be surprised that Wichita’s bid for a transportation grant to bring passenger rail back to downtown was rejected? Our community has made it clear that we barely support any form of government. Why are we even wasting the paper the grant application was written on?

Bill Clinton was a leader. George Bush was a leader. Barack Obama is not a leader.

Let the Arab world take care of the Syrian problem. We’ve sold them jets and arms, and trained their soldiers. It’s time they took care of their own.

I had great hopes for Rep. Mike Pompeo. But after seeing his support of the inept and corrupt NSA, and of the slap on the wrist of Bashar Assad, I see Pompeo as just another mindless politician blindly following a rudderless administration.

After a few years of observing Pompeo, I am convinced that the best possible description of him is: Often wrong, but never in doubt.

I always believed that “once a Marine, always a Marine.” But our senior senator, former Marine Pat Roberts, chooses to disregard the corps belief that you never leave a man behind and to disregard all of those in Syria who are being systematically wiped out by the Assad regime.

I don’t attend any sports events in Wichita because of the rap “music” being played.

When did it become acceptable to take your dog shopping? I saw dogs in two stores Thursday. While both were small, one was barking aggressively. People: Leave your dogs at home, as there are some people who are frightened of or allergic to dogs.

What idiot came up with “one size fits all”?

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