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09/05/2013 12:00 AM

09/04/2013 5:25 PM

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I suspect hundreds of CEOs and board members would have loved to say “thanks for a job well-done” to their hardworking employees this Labor Day. But they couldn’t because they don’t speak Chinese.

Beechcraft is following in the footsteps of its failed predecessor, Hawker Beechcraft, by neglecting to acknowledge its employees in the Labor Day edition of The Eagle. Cessna, Learjet and Spirit seem to get it.

Apparently the Kansas legislators feel that they can ignore any laws they don’t like, including the Kansas constitutional requirements regarding funding of schools and any federal laws relating to voting or gun control. Exactly what kind of oath of office did they take?

Liberals consider voter ID laws to be racist, so they must think minorities do not have the intelligence it takes to get an ID.

The only thing wrong with the voter ID law is that it hasn’t been law forever.

Thank you, Davis Merritt, for your insightful commentaries.

Why is it so difficult for Merritt to understand “democracy”? Elected officials who act in accordance with the wishes of their constituency are to be applauded, not vilified.

Leonard Pitts is a racist comedy act. I have never known anyone so wrong 100 percent of the time. Not everything is about race.

I thank the good Lord for Pitts’ weekly commentaries. As a white person, I am surrounded by racist people who make appalling comments about other people, so I really appreciate his wisdom and kindness.

Since when does the Democratic Party take a moral stand on anything? Democrats usually throw morals out the window when liberalism is at stake. Let the war in Syria stay in Syria.

Is there a difference between 300 people being kill by poison gas and 300 people being killed, dismembered and incinerated by cruise missiles?

Our president was prudent to get congressional approval for military action against Syria. Whatever decision members of Congress make, they too will be damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

Why do white men shave their heads? The answer to that question is quite simple. Because a shaved head looks a whole lot better than a comb-over.

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