Opinion Line (Sept. 2)

08/30/2013 6:40 PM

08/30/2013 6:40 PM

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If Sedgwick County had voted in the casino, we would have the money for a new library. The teachers would have received gift cards, like the teachers in Sumner County.

How did the Kansas DMV get so far out of whack? What is so hard to be able to mimic Arizona and California by having a one-stop shop for tag and license?

If you want to see what a city looks like with oil or gas wells in the city limits, go to Bakersfield, Calif. Not a pretty sight.

My son has a teacher bragging that he rarely has more than one or two students who get better than a B. I hope teachers challenge our kids, but that guy is proud that he’s not teaching anybody anything.

The sense of entitlement that the McLazies in this country feel is incredible. Double the federal minimum wage? Get a degree.

Hey, Republicans, you’ll get my vote back when you quit acting like a 5-year-old in a candy store.

Could it be that Sen. Jerry Moran sees the national debt as real and the “climate change” hoax for what it is?

I’ll give Rep. Tim Huelskamp this much: He makes Rep. Mike Pompeo look good.

Watching the continuing administration debacle over Syria (and all the other nonsense), one cannot help but wonder: Would we be better off with the rodeo clown?

If Muslim extremists would stop killing their daughters who want to live like Americans and stop wanting to cut the heads off “infidels,” maybe people would respect their religion more.

Pledges not to text while driving are a farce for many. Just drive down Maize or Central. Almost every trip you will see a 20-something-year-old female texting away in the middle of heavy traffic.

A recent Opinion Line comment referring to “white men shaving their heads” goes to show how racially biased The Eagle is. It will publish derogatory remarks about white people but not any statements about people of color.

Why are white guys shaving their heads and growing goatees? They’re imitating Walter White from “Breaking Bad.”

Ask yourself: “What really motivates me?” If it is love, then share it generously. If it is hate, keep that content of your character to yourself. It brings no real joy.

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