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09/01/2013 12:00 AM

08/30/2013 6:25 PM

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Kudos to Allen Elementary School for hosting a Red Cross shelter for the victims of the Ashley Lane Apartments fire. Children in that complex attend Allen. How comforting to them to have their own school be their temporary home.

If Wichita does dig an oil well downtown, the city should pay every citizen of Wichita a once-a-year windfall, just as Alaska does for its citizens.

The Wichita City Council needs to quit disrupting Delano’s progress. The city wouldn’t even consider drilling for oil in College Hill or Eastborough.

As much as I feel something drastic needs to be done in Syria, I also have to ask myself why Arab nations or Europeans aren’t more assertive in all this. Why must it always fall to the U.S.?

Here we go again. Sen. John McCain is ready to attack another country in the Middle East at the drop of a hat.

I am so tired of hearing how the poor and disenfranchised cannot get a picture ID. You can bet your booty they would find a way to get an ID if it were required to get their government freebies.

The voter ID debacle is not the only voter-suppression Republicans have created. I’m a Republican, and I’m not going to the polls to vote for any of the elected wackos we currently have.

The only Kansans who are against voter ID laws are the ones who live here but still have Missouri tags on their cars.

I’m a registered Republican, and I would absolutely vote for Jean Schodorf to replace Kris Kobach. I hope she runs, and I encourage a moderate to challenge Sam Brownback as well. They have both become too power greedy.

I don’t think Dr. King would have liked not having a conservative black speaker at the 50th anniversary of his “I Have a Dream speech.” After all, that’s what this great man wanted – equality for everyone.

Brooke Shields did nudity, Jennifer Lopez and Madonna have strut their stuff. Before criticizing Miley Cyrus, understand that she has not crossed the line. It is expected behavior that those before her also did.

Cyrus thrives on even negative attention for her inappropriate, cheap performances. So why does everyone give her the satisfaction of talking about her?

Many thanks to the management of Black Top Nationals. What a great job they do putting this large event together. I have been a vendor for all four years, and it gets better every year.

Ah, football season, and the sound of WSU fans whining because they don’t have a team.

Don’t be suckered into buying a scrunchie hose. Mine lasted less than two months.

Pesky fruit flies are everywhere.

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