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08/30/2013 12:00 AM

08/29/2013 5:58 PM

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Please don’t name the new airport for President Eisenhower. He has numerous buildings, roads, schools and other sites named for him. Why can’t it just be something simple, like Wichita Airport?

My wife and I have just retired. The city, county, state and federal taxes are going to drain us dry until we have nothing to spend on health care and prescriptions, let alone a house payment and food. Why are we supporting all the government agencies that waste our tax dollars?

When I meet people from outside the U.S., they ask me what’s wrong with Americans. I tell the truth: Americans are the most ignorant and racist people on Earth. For example, a recent poll showed 42 percent of Louisiana Republicans blame President Obama for the Katrina response. Need I say more?

Isn’t it about time to impeach Obama? This dude has been involved in more scandals and cover-ups just in the past year than our previous four presidents combined. It’s time to say farewell and draw our own red line.

Regulations don’t kill jobs. They create jobs. It takes more people to do things right and safely. Jobs are killed when the unacceptable alternative is to reduce the profits of the owners, and because it’s an effective tool of extortion.

Singers with the least amount of talent realize that they must act and dress bizarrely in order to entertain. Yes, I’m talking about Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga.

Cyrus: You “twerk it,” baby!

It’s hard to get interested in a downtown I never visit when I drive on shoddy streets that are destroying my cars every day. How much maintenance to and development of our city’s infrastructure could have been accomplished with all the money spent on improving downtown?

Developers should think smart and build child day-care centers next to senior retirement and assisted living centers. It would benefit our culture and both groups – children and seniors – in enormous and heartfelt ways.

Why aren’t the applications for concealed-carry handled at a separate location and not at driver’s license offices?

When is the state of Kansas going to stop letting people drive with “medical conditions” and end up crashing and killing other people?

Traveling in an RV through the lower 48 states and Canada, I have learned that to see the most interesting scenery you need to get off the interstates. They are for speed, not scenery.

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