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08/29/2013 12:00 AM

08/28/2013 5:46 PM

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It has been 50 years since Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech.” Much has improved since then. But to truly become one, the government needs to stop dividing us and pitting one group against the other.

You gotta give Miley Cyrus credit for one thing: She managed to unite the conservatives on Fox News and the liberals/progressives on MSNBC and CNN over her tasteless performance at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Walt Disney must be rolling over in his grave knowing Cyrus used to work for his company. It’s true some guys watched the “Mickey Mouse Club” in the 1950s to see Annette Funicello, but at least Disney put her in a turtle neck. Cyrus is an embarrassment.

Cyrus’ performance is just a flash in the pan and easily forgotten if people would just stop talking about it. The real obscenity of late is what Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has done to his own people.

The picture showing members of our congressional delegation (Aug. 20 Eagle) should have been captioned, “No to everything, no matter what.”

The Fort Hood shooter should be put before the firing squad for what he did to our Army men and women.

Positive effects could come from Australians boycotting U.S. products and not coming here as tourists until our gun laws are stronger and more effective. Unfortunately, many of our politicians are puppets of the NRA.

I am not “anti-abortion.” I am pro-life. All life is sacred from conception to natural death. It’s an issue of respect for life. And please tell me how praying quietly across the street from a clinic is a catalyst for violence. I have a constitutional right to pray where I want.

The brouhaha caused by Minneha Elementary’s educationally oriented bulletin board was primarily a result of rumors and semi-facts supported by easily misled local people who rely on out-of-state blogs devoted to spreading hate and discontent. Anything taken from the Web should also be taken with a grain of salt.

Do we want our children to grow up with biased thinking regarding Islam? Or do we want them to grow up understanding those with religions and beliefs other than their own? Perhaps Rep. Dennis Hedke should attend the Minneha class on the five major religions. Knowledge is a good thing.

We are told not to judge all Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge all gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics.

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