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08/28/2013 12:00 AM

08/27/2013 5:49 PM

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The core difference between Democrats and Republicans: Democrats fear big business more than big government while Republicans fear big government more than big business.

If anybody else is tired of seeing the Bushes, Clintons, Cheneys, Kennedys, Palins, Boehners, Ryans, Rockefellers, Pelosis, McCains or any other lifers in politics, raise your hand.

How about that? President Obama is going to shame colleges and universities into controlling spending. Why doesn’t he show them how it can be done?

Why do we need Obamacare or any kind of health insurance when every eight minutes around the clock TV has the cure for every disease known to mankind by simply taking a pill?

Just 5 percent of black students are ready for college work in English, reading, math or science, according to an analysis of ACT results. Maybe Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and President Obama should be focused on problems other than a “white Hispanic” defending himself from attack.

What does it tell you when Obama doesn’t sue sanctuary cities that are openly contemptuous of federal immigration laws, but turns around and sues states for attempting to prevent noncitizens from voting? Any citizen who can get off the couch can get a photo ID.

In our judicial system, the burden of proof is on the prosecution. We are innocent until proved guilty – unless you want to vote in Kansas.

After denying voting rights to 15,000 Kansans, we are going to spend money filing a lawsuit to save this unnecessary law. Why?

In drafting restrictive voter identification laws and seeking approval of federal courts to enforce such laws, Kris Kobach is only following a political power strategy employed by political leaders taking charge in other states after the Great Depression.

After seriously considering this whole Snowden/NSA leaks thing and how it affects me personally, I have determined that I am officially the Least Interesting Man in the World. I don’t even stay thirsty.

If you are thankful school has started because you cannot stand your own teenager, please know that as a parent you have failed. Anyone who can’t stand their own kids surely can’t expect anyone else to put up with them either.

Jesus was a hippie. What’s the problem?

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