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08/27/2013 12:00 AM

08/26/2013 5:59 PM

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One of the most egregious abuses of the public trust has been the destruction of the West Bank Stage. Private developers’ efforts to suck up any and all pieces of prime property should be resisted by our city officials, who should not join in as co-conspirators.

Sen. Jerry Moran says his No. 1 priority is reducing the national debt because he doesn’t want to leave it to future generations. Yet he doesn’t care that we are leaving a warmer planet with more severe weather and rising sea levels to future generations.

Off hand, I can’t think of anything more un-American than Kris Kobach’s voter suppression intentions and tactics.

Voter fraud is seldom detected, difficult to prove and infrequently prosecuted after election results are known. We have no idea how much voter fraud occurs.

I’ve been wondering how all these people who can’t get to the registration place to get registered and get a photo ID could get to the polls to vote.

I suspect President Obama could do just about anything – break any promise, fudge any fact, point an accusing finger at anyone and speak another laughable gaffe – and never be examined, much less criticized, by the media. So much for a free and independent press.

If Obama is such a Muslim sympathizer, why has he done nothing to combat violence leveled at the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? He may be pensive and borderline cowardly, but do you want another 10-year war on foreign soil? He’s making tough choices. Republicans just like to nay-say.

I refuse to allow my computer’s dictionary to learn the words Obama or Obamacare, because in a short period of time I will never have to type them again.

Bradley Manning will have to serve his prison sentence in Kansas. Isn’t that cruel and unusual punishment?

A good share of the drivers in Wichita are prequalified to enter the Indy 500 or the nearest demolition derby.

What’s the deal? You folks walk out without leaving your servers a gratuity. They earn only $2 an hour. Don’t bother to push your chair in either. We understand your mommas didn’t teach you any manners.

We wish to thank the thoughtful woman who took time to contact us about our two dogs, which she found on 53rd Street North. She stayed with them on the busy street until our arrival. It shows there are still caring people in our community.

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