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08/26/2013 12:00 AM

08/23/2013 5:46 PM

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The president is fortunate that millions of Americans have given up hope and stopped looking for work. Otherwise, the unemployment rate would be well north of 10 percent.

It is laughable that Obama wants to establish a rating system to evaluate the efficiency of colleges when he can’t even do this for the federal government. I guess we will need another government department.

You can get information about Obamacare from most insurance companies. We got ours from our State Farm office. It was written by Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger and very helpful.

I am glad I am not a liberal. If I get caught following the party-line principles, the liberals will abandon me and deny knowing me in public. They are willing to eat their young for political gain.

Wichita has added $1 to each online payment of a water bill. Instead of getting the payment upon receipt of the bill, the city will now have to wait until I send in my check when payment is due. Further example of the economic wizardry of our city officials.

Why are food trucks allowed to park on Douglas at East High in a no-parking zone over the noon hour? It causes a traffic problem and supplies overweight students with high-calorie junk food.

Religion is not being taught in public schools. The existence of different religions is.

To a suggestion that Exploration Place clean up the river: Teaching children about “taking care of the world” begins with you. Give the children a trash bag, take them down to the river, and pick up trash.

I am thankful that Leonard Pitts’ column only appears once a week. He manages to spin every issue into race and only sees in black and white. The week starts out in a downward spiral if you read his column on Mondays.

I salute the Kentucky movie theater owner refusing to show “The Butler” because Jane Fonda supported our enemy during the Vietnam War. She was a traitor to our military and deserves no respect.

What’s up with all the white dudes shaving their heads? Some have even taken the extra step by growing creepy-looking facial hair at the same time. Not cool at all.

I want to thank whoever paid for my breakfast Thursday at Jimmy’s Egg. You made my day and I will definitely pay it forward.

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