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08/25/2013 12:00 AM

08/23/2013 5:43 PM

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After reading the comments by members of the Kansas delegation at the recent KIOGA conference, I am optimistic that Congress will continue to get nothing done.

When a great campaigner is terrible at governing, he does only what he’s best at – campaigning.

Gov. Sam Brownback, a man who claims disdain for Washington bureaucracy and commitment to state sovereignty, has forced Kansas to adopt a federal health insurance exchange model, handing even more power over to the federal government and reducing Kansas’ ability to govern itself.

Does the Kansas secretary of state have the unilateral right to engage the state in lawsuits? It seems that would be the purview of the Kansas attorney general. Who pays the cost?

States should have the right to verify the U.S. citizenship and identity of voters. Eric Holder should investigate IRS misconduct, NSA abuses and the other scandals of a federal government that is out of control before he goes chasing states that want to keep their elections honest.

It’s obvious Republican officials realized their policies will be rejected at the polls unless they change the election mathematics by disenfranchising voters. Their brazen actions are un-American and constitute the very voter fraud they claim to despise. Thank goodness the Justice Department is going to step in.

No one is trying to keep minorities from voting. The idea is to keep noncitizens from voting in U.S. elections. Why would anyone want a noncitizen to vote in a U.S. election? Except for the left. I know why it wants that.

I appreciate Sedgwick County offering us a trash coupon. An ID or property-tax statement is required to redeem it. Is it too much to ask the same when voting?

I knew the day was coming when they’d try to cover up every inch of riverbank with commercial properties so it couldn’t be seen from McLean or enjoyed by other than the wealthy.

The bus system is running out of money, and immediately the city starts talking about raising taxes. We might have the dollars for core services if this mayor and his City Council would stop their “economic development.” Let’s get some on the council who think about taxpayers first.

After the apocalypse, when the world is in shambles, the city of Wichita is going to need that oil underneath Century II.

For those urging Bob Knight to run again for mayor: Shut up.

I grew up in New Jersey and live in Kansas. The scenery supposedly stinks in both? No way. They don’t call New Jersey the “Garden State” for nothing; the seashore and northern forests and lakes are gorgeous. And there is nothing more beautiful than a sunrise over the Flint Hills.

Bradley Manning’s punishment for leaking U.S. government secrets was being sentenced to 35 years in Kansas. Really? I kind of like it here.

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