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08/24/2013 12:00 AM

08/23/2013 5:40 PM

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I will have lost all respect for President Obama if he doesn’t immediately make a major assault on the government of Syria. What is his “red line”? He is an embarrassment.

Is anybody surprised that the farce called democracy in Egypt is crumbling quickly? How could a proper democracy be implemented in a country run by a religious organization called the Muslim Brotherhood? Why are we giving this country money to subjugate women and manipulate worldwide sympathy for its barbaric “governance”?

The administration quickly condemned all violence against the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters in Egypt but has barely mentioned the church burnings, rapes and murders perpetrated by Muslims upon Egypt’s Coptic Christians. This highlights Obama’s Muslim favoritism.

My insurance won’t cover my hormones. The taxpayers shouldn’t cover Bradley Manning’s hormones.

Manning wants the military to pay for treatments to make him “like” a woman. What? A Muslim officer shoots his fellow soldiers on an American military base. Are there any minimum standards to join our military?

It’s good to see Colin Powell standing up to the extremists in his Republican Party. He owes it to the American people after blindly supporting President Bush while being duped by Dick Cheney and the other neoconservatives. Powell is still presidential should he choose to run.

I’ll be happy to let churches endorse candidates right after they lose their tax-exempt status.

Wow – Intrust Bank Arena has made a profit this year of $301,000 through June. The Kansas Star Casino made $192.2 million in net revenue for fiscal year 2013. Hmm – seems about even.

I think the Common Core education standards are a great idea. Let’s see how schools stack up from one area to another and see if more spending on education gets better results.

Education paths must change in our country. Germany tests and prepares high school students for either vocational positions or professions that require a college education. We need highly qualified people in both categories to move our country forward.

ACT test results indicate almost one-third of this year’s high school graduates are not prepared for college-level writing, biology, algebra or social science courses. Our expensive public schools are failing us.

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