Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 22)

08/22/2013 12:00 AM

08/21/2013 5:32 PM

If you feel compelled to begin a statement with the words “I’m not prejudiced, but. . .,” the reality is that you probably are.

If I call a company doing business here, why do I have to speak to a person who is in a completely different country?

It is your right to apply for our job opening in your colorful T-shirt, Daisy Duke shorts and flip-flops. It will by our right to ignore your application because you obviously don’t care enough about the job to present yourself in a professional manner. Every choice has a consequence.

If you are too lazy and unmotivated to wear appropriate clothing to apply for a job simply because you think it is too hot, don’t count on being hired to any high-paying jobs in the near future. (Note: It has been quite cool on my side of Wichita.)

Two men were arguing at the Commodore Hotel. Police say the young man got the older man on the floor and beat him, and that the older man got a gun and shot the younger man. Hey – our own Trayvon Martin story.

Isn’t it enough that we have teens on our streets with the time and audacity to inflict violence on a elderly lady without The Eagle laying out the minute-by-minute details of the alleged crime in front of us repeatedly? Please show her a little respect.

The true colors of the NSA are coming out and I don’t like what I see.

FDR said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” With President Obama’s “transparency” and NSA spying, it appears we now have much to fear. Maybe it’s time to “unfriend” our government.

It’s very simple. If our national legislature passes legislation allowing the national regime to spend more money the American people don’t have, the regime will spend more money the American people don’t have.

Even if Obama were to somehow become a competent leader, his outlandish schemes to socialize this country would be rejected by many. His skin color has nothing to do with the rejection of his ideas.

I thought about responding to the stupid person who called someone stupid for accepting the “lies from … Fox News and hate radio” (“How stupid?” Aug. 19 Letters to the Editor), but then I figured I’d be stupid for getting involved in this stupidity.

I used to recognize the sports anchors all the local television stations. Now I don’t recognize any of them.

To all my fellow proud Kansas citizens: Aren’t you bothered that they technically are the Kansas City, Mo., Chiefs? Go, Broncos.

Really? Are you so lazy that you can’t put your grocery cart in the cart rack when you’re through with it? Pathetic.

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