Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 21)

08/21/2013 12:00 AM

08/20/2013 5:10 PM

It’s been almost 3 1/2 years since President Obama signed Obamacare into law, and I still haven’t seen the Republicans’ health care plan to replace it. Do they have one or not?

The definition of insurance is not medicine. The definition of medicine is not insurance.

As with the Chevy Volt sales, Obama’s predictions are off about 80 percent. That makes him the “20 percent” president.

Liberalism was never designed to work, only to control those it rules.

The FairTax plan: It’s nonpartisan. It lets you keep your entire paycheck. Best of all, it eliminates the dreaded IRS. What’s not to like about it?

Charles Koch is trying to inform, not control.

Voting “rights” should only be available to English-speaking citizens of the United States who have responsibly registered prior to any election. Why would we want anyone else voting?

When foreigners come here to live, their immediate goal should be to learn our language, then get a job, start paying taxes and assimilate into the culture. Unlimited immigration is not helpful. It’s a curse that corrupts the spirit and threatens to tear this country apart.

House representatives have been in Washington, D.C., for a grand total of 56 percent of nonholiday weekdays this year. The Senate hasn’t had a single five-day workweek. I guess we can add “congressman” to the list of jobs Americans refuse to do.

It’s interesting how many non-Christians attack Jane Fonda. Real Christians, after all, know how to forgive.

If socialized medicine is so great, why can’t Prince William in England get Rogaine?

More violent crime in the City Council’s jewel, Old Town? Don’t these people know they can’t do that because there are lights and cameras there?

Wow, 26 pages of property-tax deadbeats. I didn’t even know that paying property tax was optional.

We were out of town for 12 days in July. I didn’t realize until then how peaceful TV could be without the Cox idiot.

It is time for Cox Cable to make some commercials that make a woman look stupid. If they do not, there will be a lot of men canceling cable.

There are no more obnoxious advertisements on television than the Swiffer commercials with Lee and Morty. I mute the TV so I don’t have to hear those overbearing accents.

I tried watching “Dr. Who.” Are you kidding? What on Earth is the big deal? Bo-ring!

I was going to go to work today, but the voices in my head told me to stay home and clean my guns.

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