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08/21/2013 12:00 AM

08/20/2013 5:08 PM

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I am so thankful school has started. My teenagers almost drove me crazy this summer. If I can just make it through the weekends now, I’ll be lucky. You teachers deserve so much more in pay and benefits to have to deal with teenage kids all day long.

Why doesn’t school start the day after Labor Day and end the day after Memorial Day? Why did they spend a bazillion taxpayer dollars air-conditioning schools? Schools made it for hundreds of years without air conditioning.

Why are schools teaching about religions and not penmanship? I guess it is more important to teach something their place of worship could teach rather than have them able to read the Declaration of Independence, which is in cursive writing. My grandkids can’t even read a cursively written grocery list.

With all of the publicity, I’m certain most of the students at Minneha elementary will remember the Five Pillars of Islam for a long time. This was probably not the goal of the conservative bloggers.

If they are going to teach religion at a school, they also need to teach atheism.

The oil under our city property belongs to us, the citizens of Wichita. Who will benefit from its extraction? Anyone other than taxpaying citizens should be scrutinized. I know this would cost money to get the oil out, but our tax money needs to be closely guarded from the greedy.

Considering drilling for oil near Century II? Oh, how nutty can we be? And trying to decide between two apartment contractors – one proposing to buy the land on which to build, the other to get the land to “improve” for free? Sigh.

Rep. Tim Huelskamp reached a new low by tweeting that the president’s “dog got more air support than our guys in Benghazi.” What a cheap shot. For one, the attack in Benghazi occurred and was over before any air support could possibly arrive.

The president’s dog Bo does not get special transportation via helicopter or plane when the first family goes on vacation. Huelskamp is a congressman of the United States. He needs to start acting like one.

The American hero Edward Snowden has released additional information exposing NSA lies about domestic spying activities. Sure, the NSA is obsessed with apprehending Snowden. It knows what he knows. Had Snowden used accepted whistle-blower channels, the American people would still be in the dark.

It looks like Rep. Mike Pompeo has failed us in his oversight of the U.S. intelligence community.

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