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August 20, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 20)

It’s true that criticizing the last President Bush wasn’t called racist. The far right was too busy calling it treason.

It’s true that criticizing the last President Bush wasn’t called racist. The far right was too busy calling it treason.

Comparisons of vacations by George W. Bush and Barack Obama omit one salient difference. With all the celebrity visits, Obama is on vacation even when he’s in the White House.

When presented reliable intelligence on the location of Osama bin Laden, Obama quickly gave the command, then let our military do the job. Exactly what a commander in chief should do.

For political reasons, Obama panders to ethnic groups and refuses to secure our borders. His attitude flows from his enthusiasm for multiculturalism, an indictment of American culture. He rejects American exceptionalism. His negativism eats away at the national spirit.

Obama and his wife have done more to set back race relations in this country than George Wallace did in the ’60s. The Obamas and Al Sharpton have set race relations back to the ’50s. And there isn’t anything “reverent” about Sharpton.

Actually, Wichitans should thank the U.S. taxpayers for the 70 percent that the federal government paid for the Big Ditch. Government has no money except what it takes away from the taxpayers (and the $85 billion quantitative easing that Ben Bernanke creates monthly).

We’ve gone from George Washington, who could not tell a lie, to Hillary Clinton, who cannot tell the truth. We’ve come a long way, baby.

Our No. 1 terrorist in this country lives in the White House.

According to letters to the editor and Opinion Line, Obama has single-handedly started all the Middle Eastern wars, caused all the flooding, and didn’t have anything to do with bin Laden’s death. Enough of the bashing. What kind of life do you have to dislike a human being so much?

Those wanting the government to support them should take a refresher course in American history. Be sure you understand how the Native Americans have been “taken care of.” They were removed from their lands, put on reservations and reduced to extreme poverty.

Had I been born with a silver oil well in my mouth, my view of reality also might be skewed.

College Hill people: How does it feel knowing that the Wichita school board doesn’t think Bryant Elementary is good enough to keep open but good enough for you?

When our school system went from intermediate schools to middle schools – that was when people couldn’t spell “intermediate.”

The mayor wants us to keep Wichita clean. But we have houses sitting empty with very tall grass, spoiled food with flies and maggots in the refrigerator and cockroaches. Why doesn’t the city do something?

The best way to stop all the fake outrage would be to bring back dueling.

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