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08/20/2013 12:00 AM

08/19/2013 5:35 PM

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People paid for the Big Ditch through our taxes. The federal government has no money unless we give it to them. We can say “thank you” to ourselves for providing the funds to build the Big Ditch.

When it is hot, water rates increase to reduce usage. When we have rain, rates increase to cover reduced usage. This is a public utility at its best.

I would like to know if the Wichita mayor and City Council even bothered to read the 2014 budget before they approved it.

Some environmentalists have warned we are running out of sources of energy. In fact, we have enough uranium, using breeder reactors, to supply our electricity needs for 2,000 years. Scare tactics can be harmful to our nation.

Businesses don’t run on magic and wishful thinking – a point our president doesn’t comprehend.

Our problem with President Obama is not his skin color but how thin his skin is.

How can Israel entrust its security to America when we got Egypt so wrong?

When the right wing brings up abortion, gay marriage, etc., the purpose is to distract. From what? Handpicked judges? More than 14,000 voter registrations in legal limbo? The governor’s falling approval rating? The resignation of the state budget director or the coming budget crisis? All of the above.

It is the height of folly to say that background checks will not prevent gun violence but that requiring burdensome documentation will prevent voter fraud.

Maintaining the integrity of the vote is imperative to our democracy. No photo identification, no vote. Period.

Some say people who are pro-life do not believe in birth control. I believe in birth control prior to pregnancy. I do not believe in aborting babies.

Children are hurting because deadbeat dads aren’t held accountable. Judges and lawyers are sentencing the deadbeat dad’s children to a poor education and poor health care. After a number of years, you might notice he isn’t going to get a job. Jail might be the needed push.

Thanks to the drivers who returned our waves and honked at my 90-year-old dad in his wheelchair along 21st Street in Andover Aug. 10. You made an old man feel appreciated again and a son and daughter-in-law grateful for your thoughtfulness.

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