Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 19)

08/19/2013 12:00 AM

08/16/2013 6:04 PM

So commanders in the military decide whether or not to prosecute sexual assault cases as well as overturn convictions. Forget the conflict of interest. These old boys let off their favorite soldiers to rape again with no fear of prosecution. And women want in the military?

The government finally admitted Area 51 exists. So it is capable of telling the truth. Sometimes it just takes 50 years.

From George Washington through Barack Obama, every president has been made fun of by the media and the public at some point. It’s sad when basic freedom of speech is seen as racism. Obama is a coward and a tyrant.

When those of us who are rodeo-goers want to see the clown in the Obama mask run over by a bull, it is not because we are racist but because he is poisonous to the country.

Fast and Furious? Benghazi? NSA? IRS? These are phony scandals. A rodeo clown in an Obama mask? That’s a real scandal. This bullfighting bozo should be tarred and feathered and run out of Missouri on a rail. After all, the phony clowns in Washington shouldn’t be upstaged by a real clown.

Bo, the first dog, happened to be on the same plane as the Secret Service detail, White House staffers, members of the press and all the necessary luggage. One more example of how right-wing nutcases distort facts in their desperate attempts to find something to criticize about the president.

It is too bad Hollywood chose sully the wonderful story of the White House butler’s service to our country by including “Hanoi Jane” Fonda in the film’s cast.

Someone thinks we should all thank the federal government every time it floods because the feds paid 70 percent of the cost of the Big Ditch. Where do you think the federal government got that money? From the taxpayers, so, really, we paid for it.

I hope I live long enough to see The Wichita Eagle say something positive about a Republican and something negative concerning a Democrat all in the same day’s issue.

So the local rednecks think The Wichita Eagle is too liberal? Obviously they have never read the Washington Post.

How minuscule some people’s brains must be to drive in rain after sunset with only the parking lights on or no lights at all. Does Wichita have a police department anymore?

I need a new truck and somebody to pay for it. I’m checking my mirrors for texting tailgaters in new Tahoes.

Cellphones are just umbilical cord extensions. They extend child dependence indefinitely.

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