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August 17, 2013

Opinion Line (Aug. 17)

Edward Snowden is in his beloved Russia and we got rid of him. Sounds like it is good for everyone.

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Edward Snowden is in his beloved Russia and we got rid of him. Sounds like it is good for everyone.

Thanks to our hapless president and his inept administration, Sarah Palin can see Edward Snowden from her front porch.

If Snowden had gone to the proper authorities to report this, it would have been labeled a phony scandal. End of story. What’s a person to do?

If our society and civilization survive the near future, this will be known as the age of lost privacy.

It’s only a matter of time before President Obama attempts to drive a wedge between citizens and “Duck Dynasty.”

As of Aug. 10, Barack Obama had taken all or parts of 92 days of vacation since his first inauguration. At the same point in his second term, George W. Bush had been at his Texas ranch all or parts of 323 days. You do the math.

When picking up a pizza, I submitted a check for payment. I was asked for a photo ID. I asked the young lady if I was in the right place to get a pizza or was supposed to vote. I received a long stare, but finally got my pizza.

The Democrats get upset at the mention of voter ID because they know a lot of illegals are already voting. Maybe it doesn’t happen often in Kansas, but the law will prevent it from becoming a problem. It’s disturbing to me that they don’t embrace the integrity of the vote.

I hope those who think NAFTA was a bad deal are paying attention to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. These negotiations lack transparency and will affect much more than just trade issues.

All this talk of economic freedom is a little utopian. Absent a world rife with evil and greed it might work, but I doubt anyone believes such a world will exist in the foreseeable future.

Hate to complain about all the rain we’ve had, but I’m being eaten alive by mosquitoes. I look like a meth head with all the scabs on my arms and legs. I know, I know – don’t scratch.

What do you call people who run their sprinklers when the ground is saturated and water is standing in low places? “Wasteful” and “lazy” come to mind.

I run a small business with five employees. This week I observed three employees playing video games on their computer and two talking to friends while on the job. I now have no employees and am looking for five employees who will work.

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