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08/15/2013 12:00 AM

08/14/2013 5:29 PM

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The next time you are embarrassed to be from Kansas, just remind yourself of the incident at the Missouri State Fair and the vandalism of a butter cow at the Iowa State Fair. There is enough nonsense to go around all over the country.

The rodeo clown in Missouri disrespecting our president and the people who were amused by that are blatant examples of racism.

I simply don’t understand. People could make fun of and make disparaging remarks about Presidents Bush, Reagan, Nixon, etc. But make fun of or joke about Obama and you need “sensitivity” training.

Not a week goes by without the first family finding another way to thumb their noses at America. The first dog, Bo, travels in his own aircraft and we have to endure the pain of paying the family to be on an eight-year vacation. How stupid are we?

In 1944 FDR was accused of sending a destroyer to transport his dog Fala. Now, the Republicans have changed the words to “Obama,” “Bo” and “jet.” One good thing about picking up nearly 60-year-old lies: At least the right wing is recycling something.

Just be glad Mitt Romney wasn’t president. The dog would have had to fly on top of the aircraft.

Where is the outcry from the media and the public about three black teens beating a white teen on a Florida school bus for no reason? If it were the other way, it would be all over the news and the president would be saying it could have been him.

Concerning the possibility of losing six firefighter positions: Why don’t the top five positions, starting with Chief Ron Blackwell, take a wage reduction? If more citizens knew how much these individuals are getting paid, they would be outraged. Being a public servant should not be a vehicle to become wealthy.

It’s interesting that those who are protesting at the women’s clinic recognize their signs are repugnant and the possible impact on those who must view them.

Where are all the microbrewery designers?

Kudos to the East Point Church of Christ for the memorial garden it has adjacent to the bike path on K-96. Not only are the flowers beautiful, but the garden provides shade for weary bikers, walkers and joggers.

Prayers to the Burrow family. I cannot imagine the pain. He sounded like a very cool kid. He will always be with them.

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