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08/14/2013 12:00 AM

08/13/2013 5:14 PM

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I sure hope President Obama never speaks out in support of baseball and apple pie. The Republicans would immediately move to eliminate ballparks and bakeries, creating an even higher unemployment rate.

Poor media were upset that a rodeo clown in Missouri wore an Obama mask and that when someone asked if the crowd wanted to see Obama get run over by a bull, the consensus was an overwhelming “yes.” If it had been a George W. Bush mask, no big deal, right?

The law requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote is essential to the future integrity of all elections. This is proactive legislation that will prevent corruption years from now. Those who have a problem with this law seem to have their own political agenda and maybe something to hide.

Sedgwick County Commissioner Karl Peterjohn exposes cronyism when the mayor and the Wichita City Council award the contract for the airport terminal to a company whose co-founder is a longtime friend of the mayor and contributor to certain council members’ campaigns, and who is attacked? Peterjohn.

The vacant lot next to my house has not been mowed all summer. I have called three times. I go through this every summer. Does the city get fined? Pot, meet kettle.

It is so green in western Kansas that I thought Al Gore was visiting.

Is anyone else tired of needing a card to get discounts at stores? Enough with the cards already. Just give a discount when warranted and quit tracking me.

I wish companies would train their employees on how to transfer your call to another department without cutting you off.

If businesses didn’t have computer problems all the time, what other excuse would they give for poor service?

Restaurant people need to stop asking me, “How is everything?” One of these days I am going to be honest and tell them what I actually think of their meal and service.

To the person who said you shouldn’t be driving if you can’t change a flat tire: I’ll bet I’m a better driver than you are, and I’m also smarter. I have AAA.

I prefer not to change my own flat tire. It would take hours because of my physical limitations. I know that if I ever get a flat tire, you won’t be the Good Samaritan who stops to help. Someday when you need help with something, maybe you’ll understand.

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