Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 13)

08/13/2013 12:00 AM

08/12/2013 6:17 PM

A federal judge has ruled that New York City’s “stop and frisk” policy violates civil rights. Get the body bags ready. It also saved a lot of lives.

“Being gay” is not the sin. Sex acts between “gays” are the sin, as is all sex outside of marriage. Since marriage is between one man and one woman, all “gay” sex is sin.

So Rush Limbaugh called Oprah Winfrey “fat.” Apparently he has no mirrors in his house. She’s smart, eloquent, beloved by millions and a class act – all the things he is not.

To understand how you save money by spending less, you only need to have third- or fourth-grade-level arithmetic. To say that if you do business with someone you will “save” money is not deception.

We should give all of the prisoners we have locked up for life or who are on death row the option of being set free in Iran. This would cut down on the cost of housing them.

Teaching was once a revered profession, dominated by people dedicated to the children. Along came teachers’ unions. For many, teaching became just a job. Pay scales increased but respect decreased. The kids got lost in the shuffle. Let’s go back to the good old ways.

So all “civilized” countries except ours have national health care systems? Every worker in those countries pays income taxes alone of 50 to 60 percent of their earnings. Is that what we want?

I’m a registered Republican. My wife and I live with my parents with our son so I can finish school. We make $1,300 a month, and we don’t qualify for KanCare. Thanks, GOP.

President Obama could say that Nashville is in Afghanistan and his constituents wouldn’t know the difference. Ignorant and inattentive voters will be the end of the country.

Actually, no rational person has noticed that Kathleen Sebelius has become a “better liar” since teaming up with Obama, except people who cannot test their delusions against reality.

Well, I am now convinced hell can freeze over. Leonard Pitts is capable of writing a column not involving a racial issue after all (“Journalism hopes pinned on Bezos,” Aug. 12 Opinion).

To all of you “Atlas Shrugged” people: It is an interesting metaphor but is false. It would be great if the super-PAC people shrugged their way to Europe or somewhere else.

The pictures of protesters’ signs reading “Lies” and “Fake clinic” were heart-wrenching (Aug. 10 Local & State). We shouldn’t even be having these conversations or protests. There should be no procedure that rips a baby out of the womb. It is not a right. It is a wrong on so many levels.

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