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August 12, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 12)

Kansas should move its capital city from Topeka to Wichita and build it at the WaterWalk. Nothing is getting done there either.

Kansas should move its capital city from Topeka to Wichita and build it at the WaterWalk. Nothing is getting done there either.

News reports are saying that 1 million eligible voters in the recent elections in Zimbabwe were disenfranchised. It’s as if they had Kris Kobach as their election supervisor.

Unfortunately, in the U.S. it seems that families declare themselves underpaid, poor and in poverty if they don’t have two cars, iPhones, iPads and several big-screen TVs in their homes.

Once again, Obama cheapens the Presidential Medal of Freedom by giving it to Bill Clinton. How much more proof is needed to show that this man is incompetent and incapable of being president?

So Obama has decided he’s not going to meet with Vladimir Putin. I’m sure Putin is just crying his eyes out over that one.

Our federal legislators are on a five-week vacation, bragging about the one or two things they have accomplished so far and asking our opinions on what they should do next. They will immediately forget that once they return to Washington, where the party will really tell them what to do.

The best way to solve prison overcrowding is to get rid of the prisoners. There are lots of prisons in Iraq, Afghanistan and Mexico that have room for more prisoners. Give the hard-core criminals a one-way ticket to one of these destination prisons. Problem solved.

Alex Rodriguez, the Lance Armstrong of baseball.

Thank goodness the city leaders in 1950 had more sense than the current group. The Big Ditch would never be approved today and we’d all be underwater.

The opinions in Opinion Line range from practical to ridiculous. But the person who wrote about putting an adjustable dam on the Big Ditch is without a doubt the winner for the most practical. The dam also would eliminate an eyesore by keeping the Big Ditch full of water.

I wish Dillons’ leadership would bring Sarah Palin back to Wichita. She was very insightful, and that was money well-spent. Is she the one who recommended dropping double coupons?

Thank goodness one reader wrote in about using “I seen.” I’m glad to know that at least one other person agrees that this makes the speaker sound uneducated. The phase is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

“These ones” and “those ones” – the decaying of the English language.

I read an article on the supposedly top three reasons for divorce, but they were wrong. They missed the top reason, which is marriage.

It’s wonderful that people helped the turtle cross the road, but the question is: Why did the turtle cross the road? Probably trying to get to a Shell station.

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