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08/10/2013 12:00 AM

08/09/2013 6:13 PM

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I think the city of Wichita ticked off Mother Nature when it threatened to penalize water customers for overuse. Now someone needs to coerce her into stopping the rain for a while.

I wonder how the Wichita water experts like their crow. Baked or fried?

Well, we have conserved water and had plenty of rain. That means it’s time for the water department to raise our rates.

Thanks to all those who have prayed for rain, breaking the drought: Thank you. Praise the Lord.

Thank you, “Big Ditch Mitch” Mitchell.

Maybe all this rain will drown those pesky chiggers.

I live in a small home, fully insulated. I am single. This summer is rather mild. I keep my thermostat at 77 or 78 degrees. My electric bill this month was $214. This is nuts.

You people throw everything away – glass, plastics, cans, cardboard. Take care of this country.

To say that if I do business with you I will “save” money is deception. If I spend my money with you I could spend less, but how does spending become saving?

I am hiring. Those with tattoos, piercings, unprofessional clothing, etc., need not apply.

Senior citizens deserve our respect, except the ones who drive in the passing lane on the highways and the ones who don’t understand that fast-food drive-through lanes are meant for speed. Being a senior citizen doesn’t mean disregarding all others.

How can someone hate the sin, being gay, but love the sinner? If being gay is the very action that defines who a person is, how can anyone expect people to not be who they are?

What wonderful, considerate and thoughtful human beings you are – you with the music coming from your car so loudly we can hear it inside the house at 3:30 a.m., and you with the loud motorcycle 20 minutes later.

To those who assisted me when I fell and passed out in the Dillons parking lot at 21st and Amidon on Monday: Thank you and God bless you all. I wasn’t hurt too badly. The employees at Via Christi Hospital on St. Francis also were very nice.

The stretch of 45th Street North between Rock and Webb is a death trap. People are driving in the middle of the road to avoid the potholes. A severe collision is coming.

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