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08/11/2013 12:00 AM

08/09/2013 5:58 PM

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One of the invincible fallacies among educators is that all sorts of children can be educated in the same classroom.

Teachers: Remember as school starts that parents are sending you the best they have. They are not keeping the good ones at home. Parents: Send your child to school well-rested, fed and equipped to learn. Work together to help each child achieve his or her highest potential.

If Judge James Riddel Boys Ranch closes, juvenile offenders will become adult offenders who can serve as wards of for-profit prisons. The rich get richer, the poor go to jail, and we pay.

Given the belligerence that Vladimir Putin has shown recently, maybe President Obama will now understand why we need a nuclear deterrent. Peace through power. That is all some tyrants understand.

Has anyone else noticed what a better liar Kathleen Sebelius has become since she teamed up with Obama?

If we had Kochs’ free market, we wouldn’t have the Big Ditch and we’d be flooded now.

Why fritter away efforts on a new downtown library rather than finding a way to internally dam up the Big Ditch to save the water?

The Arkansas River is federal property. The city cannot arrest people while they are on the river even if the city thinks it is dangerous. Check the map.

The river land at First and McLean doesn’t belong to the City Council or the city of Wichita. It belongs to the citizens of Wichita, and the council failed its fiduciary responsibility to maximize the value received for the land.

Leave it to our leaders to select the uglier of the two west bank projects. The design looks like an old housing project in a communist bloc country. Remember the big blue roof? This is worse by far. Our river views will be affected for many years to come.

Are Bob Knight and Carl Brewer really the only two people on the planet who can run the city of Wichita?

Where can I sign up to impeach Sam Brownback?

When exactly did it become a crime to work hard and become wealthy? When did achieving the American dream make you a political target? Can’t liberals put aside their demagoguery long enough to see that once you destroy the producers, America will be one big Detroit?

Those Spirit AeroSystems earnings announcements are like an appendicitis attack. You just hope they don’t wait too long for surgery, as they can rupture.

Having had a license to carry a gun in the past, I know for a fact that if someone walks into a restaurant and opens fire, I will be too busy hugging the floor to get to my gun.

The Hutchinson City Council just passed an ordinance making public nudity a criminal offense. There go my plans for third Thursday this month.

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