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August 9, 2013

Opinion Line (Aug. 9)

Senior citizens should always be treated with respect, have priority and always have the right of way.

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Senior citizens should always be treated with respect, have priority and always have the right of way.

Everyone always has money for cigarettes, beer and tattoos, but they can’t pay for their kids’ school supplies or food and health care. Sad.

Regarding complaints about school-supply drives: The kids did not ask to be brought into the world, and I want to make their school experience as positive and productive as possible. Better-educated kids make for better parents in the future.

WSU will now have campus shuttle service because there is a shortage of parking spaces on campus. Is that because of a new dorm located on a parking lot? It’s time to take a chunk of the campus golf course for parking.

Someone please tell President Obama that he won the election so he will stop campaigning.

I see that our president played golf on the first day of the great American embassy shutdown. What do we have here: a real threat, al-Qaida seeing how much disruption it can create or the administration crying wolf?

The president represents the American people, not just a small group. That’s why the tea party and specialized Democrat groups fail on a national level with their ignorant “no compromise” platforms. Getting the party nomination is different from winning over the American people.

Sweden’s socialist government opened the country’s borders to a flood of poor immigrants. The result: anger and blood in the streets. If Sweden’s welfare state cannot avoid discontent and violence, can we expect anything different or better?

Appointing a libertarian to a public service job is like hiring a vegetarian as a butcher. He doesn’t have the skills, and he doesn’t value the mission.

Our GOP legislators have been attending the free-market, less-government ALEC convention with Kansas taxpayers paying part of the costs. I hope they attend the lecture on irony.

Does anyone find it ironic that they charge a 2.5 percent “convenience fee” at the DMV?

We just got my daughter’s license. Reasonable wait, very polite and professional staff, no issues. Go figure.

Go Wichita needs to get out of the office and take some pictures of the rivers while there is still water in them. Might come in handy next time they print up some brochures or run some ads.

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