Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 8)

08/08/2013 12:00 AM

08/07/2013 5:11 PM

I’ve been trying to give up eating red meat for a while now but haven’t been entirely successful. So I want to thank The Eagle for that picture of the engineered beef in the petri dish (Aug. 6 Business Today). That’s enough to convince me to give it up altogether.

The Monday Eagle had the headline “Disaster declaration in Hutchinson, Reno County” over a picture of a flooded area at Meridian and Esthner in Wichita. Nice going, Eagle.

Hey, Republicans: Better step up your lies. Even Jan Brewer (and seven other Republican governors) have supported Obamacare for the benefit of their constituents. We really need more of those lies before everyone realizes the advantages of our Affordable Care Act.

Want some fun? Pass a constitutional amendment, by state and by the people, that all politicians be placed on Medicare and Social Security. If the people speak, the pigs will squeal.

President Obama declared the war finished in Afghanistan and said we had al-Qaida “on the run.” Last weekend we closed a score of embassies due to terroristic threats. It appears al-Qaida has us on the run now.

I heard someone expound profoundly, “In the Republican Party we tend to be adults.” That pretty much says it all.

The “rich” and “big corporations” are evil and greedy? And yet hardworking, middle-class taxpaying citizens should pay for your free stuff? That is typical liberal hypocrisy. Go earn your own stuff, you lying, greedy, plundering thieves.

Minimum-wage regulations foster a “culture of dependency” only in Kochtopia.

Maybe if the universities in Kansas would drop their liberal arts programs, the Legislature would restore their funding.

With all the rate increases Westar Energy has asked for, why doesn’t it just change its name to Enron?

Come on, Westar. You offer the “WattSaver” program, under which you control the settings, and then want to be reimbursed? Not all of your customers got suckered into that ploy, so why do you expect us all to pay for it? You are trying every way possible to get more money.

You do the crime, you do the time. Alex Rodriguez got suspended from playing ball for 211 games. It should have been a lifetime suspension.

Could we just move on without A-Rod and the goofball from Texas A&M, Johnny Manziel? Who cares?

California driver goes berserk, killing and maiming with his car. Hmm – I think we should ban all cars.

The very worst TV commercial is the 3M ad where the old man comes in, sits down, eats a bite of corn on the cob and then yanks out his dentures and holds them up for you. Isn’t that cute? And disgusting. Some commercials actually abuse the captive audience.

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