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August 8, 2013

Opinion Line (Aug. 8)

Why is Kansas so overstocked with political officials who are all mouth and no brains?

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Why is Kansas so overstocked with political officials who are all mouth and no brains?

Kansas, the land of “too” – too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry. Always too something.

Capture the Big Ditch water and pump it to Cheney Reservoir, or put an adjustable dam on the Big Ditch and raise the gate after rains so it stays full of water. It’s crazy that all this water, and Arkansas River water, ends up in Kaw Lake in Oklahoma.

It would be nice if Peterson Elementary could drain its mosquito pit in back of the school. Hold it to the same standards as private property owners.

Brett Seacat’s bizarre tirade during his sentencing confirmed the jury’s verdict was correct. May Vashti rest in peace now that justice is complete.

Even the pope gets it. Stop the ignorant hate talk against gays. It makes you look like a Phelps clan member. Now the Catholic Church and Islam need to rise out of the Stone Age and give women first-class status.

When I hear someone say “I seen,” I know the next words won’t be “a book.”

Notice that the only attractive members of the British royal family are the ones who marry into it, such as Diana and Kate. The rest tend to be ugly as a mud fence. Ever look at a picture of Queen Victoria? I’m warning you not to.

Like being dead or pregnant, “stop” is an either/or. So let us quit this nonsense of a “full” stop or a “complete” stop. Slowing down and using the car’s momentum to turn the corner is not any kind of stop.

If you let them know in advance by using your blinker, the idiot drivers in Wichita always accelerate to block you from changing lanes. So now I do as everyone else does and jump lanes without signaling.

Any professional athlete guilty of using performance-enhancing drugs should be banned from that sport for life on the first offense. It is a shame that they cannot be criminally prosecuted for fraud.

The Opinion Line gets some people upset. Don’t worry, be happy. There are some good ideas listed here as well. Dwell on the positive.

A big “thanks” to “Dale” for stopping to help my grandchildren fix a flat tire. Your good deed gave us faith in humanity.

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