Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 7)

08/07/2013 12:00 AM

08/06/2013 5:17 PM

Why hasn’t President Obama said the Benghazi scandal was President Bush’s fault? Oh, yeah – Obama was president and his appointee Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. If it wasn’t Bush’s fault, it must be phony.

The dead border agent (Bush’s program), four Benghazi casualties and government-targeted citizens are not scandals but business as usual. Come out of your partisan trance and come to grips with the real world.

I wonder if this administration will remove the proud eagle that once represented our country’s strength and replace it with the image of a whipped pup at our embassy entrances in an effort to improve our relations with those whose stated goal is to eradicate our Western way of life.

“Dark days” (Aug. 2 Letters to the Editor) is exactly the way I feel about America. The government is out of control. I’m helpless against the extremely ignorant Obama followers. Use common sense, people, and wake up to what’s happening around you.

Don’t ask the U.S. Supreme Court justices what is constitutional because obviously they don’t know.

If people are so concerned about not being racist, then someone please explain the existence of the NAACP.

The Topeka Capital-Journal (Aug. 5 Kansas Views) described Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley’s assertion of a conspiracy theory concerning Gov. Sam Brownback’s confirmation of a new Court of Appeals position as “weak.” Was that based on our governor’s stellar record of nonpartisan, transparent, truthful governance?

It was ridiculous for the Yankees to sign Alex Rodriquez to a $275 million contract in the first place.

Someone suggested mothers are lazy for not using cloth diapers. In today’s culture and economy, most mothers work full time, meaning that they do not in fact have the time to continuously wash disposable diapers.

If you can’t afford disposable or cloth diapers, go to a thrift or estate sale and buy some towels and fold or cut to proper size. That’s what I did. You’d be surprised what problems a little creativity can solve.

If you can’t afford diapers – disposable, cloth or otherwise – you certainly can’t afford to have a child. Children only get more expensive the older they get, and it is not other people’s responsibility or obligation to support them or you.

Is the National Weather Service asleep at the wheel? We live 2 miles north of its weather station, and our rain gauge measured 5 inches more than its did the past two weeks.

Since the Wichita River Festival has left the second week of May open, why don’t we move the NBC World Series to that week to avoid all the rain and flood warnings?

Shame on Dillons at 13th and Tyler for running its sprinkler system at 9:05 p.m. Sunday after a 3-inch rain.

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