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August 6, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 6)

I sure hope Congress is getting ready to look into all of this rain we are getting. Something has got to be wrong.

I sure hope Congress is getting ready to look into all of this rain we are getting. Something has got to be wrong.

On the Metro during a recent visit to Washington, D.C, I heard a gentleman who was originally from England and now lives in D.C. comment that “it’s a great city even though the rest of the country sends its trash (senators and representatives) here.” I had to agree.

The Republicans in the House remind me of the seven blind men and the elephant.

No greater threat exists than human overpopulation and the subsequent footprint of pollution and scarcity of resources.

Don’t worry about the effect of tea partiers on our culture. In 20 years, most of them will have died out. Like other dinosaurs.

When you donate to school-supply drives, you enable deadbeat parents. You give them more money to spend on drugs, alcohol, smokes, tattoos, etc. Why be a responsible parent when someone else will do it for you?

Why waste space on Leonard Pitts Jr. calling a Fox News interview an embarrassment? His tripe is the only embarrassment that I see. There are much better wire service commentaries to pull from.

Pitts needs to look in the mirror or move out of his glass house before he throws his editorial stones. I have read him for more then five years and never have I found him to be even the least bit objective. By the way, John Steinbeck was a novelist and social activist, not a historian.

There may be no such thing as too much information, but talk radio offers misinformation, of which we already have an overabundance.

The only problem with allowing the U.S. Postal Service to ship alcohol through the mail is the employees having a happy hour.

If you’re having trouble with my being gay, remember, it’s your problem. My friends, family, co-workers, employer and God have no problem with it.

Between 2000 and 2010, Detroit’s population declined 25 percent. Why? When there are too many predators, the prey will move to safer areas to live and raise their young. The prey are leaving Detroit, and the predators are left to prey on each other.

If our city leaders keep spending like drunken sailors, maybe Wichita can join Detroit in bankruptcy.

I will have a heart attack if I ever see anyone around here make a complete stop at a stop sign or turn on their turn signal before they are halfway around a corner. I’ve given up on merging properly. It’s just a matter of who has the most nerve.

The Green Bay Packers had more people attend their family night practice than the Chiefs get for some regular season games.

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