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08/06/2013 12:00 AM

08/05/2013 6:32 PM

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Why are the U.S. embassies closing? We were led to believe that once Barack Obama was elected all the terrorists would come to love the USA, as he would atone for our sins.

Obama is a bully with a pack of international bullies backing him up who can only use force to extort your natural rights.

The Sharon Springs sinkhole is mirroring the Obama administration and the path the country is following.

I could think of a much better location for a sinkhole than Wallace County, Kan. Topeka or Washington, D.C., immediately come to mind.

You Obama haters might want to pace yourselves. You might need to save your venom for eight years of the Hillary Clinton presidency.

It’s good to know that Kansas is “one of the most blade-friendly states in the union.” This is sure to help our governor and his Legislature in their goal to attract new families and businesses. Is it possible for the reputation of Kansas to become any more ridiculous?

Even my die-hard Republican friends admit that Kris Kobach has crossed the line with his attempts at voter suppression. Won’t somebody please run against this guy before none of us is allowed to vote?

Why is it that the city can put in new swimming pools but can’t find the money to fund a downtown library? We need a library more than a water park. The City Council needs to get our priorities straight.

New arena security measures planned for the Taylor Swift concert? Really? Why don’t they try this first on a concert that isn’t sold out? It’s not like 10,000 teenage girls are going to try anything.

The Kansas Star Casino is providing public school students in Sumner County with $100 each for back-to-school expenses. Weren’t we intelligent not to have the casino in Sedgwick County? Maybe the high and mighty who headed the “vote no” campaign will donate $100 to each Sedgwick County student. Not likely.

Powerful reporting continuously attacking the state’s hypocrisy regarding “smoking casinos” could make a difference. We need that to happen.

How much more rain do we need to get before the TV weather people stop saying, “We need the rain”?

Rain, rain, go away, I would like to mow my lawn someday.

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