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School and school fundraising programs will soon begin. Please teach your children, elementary through high school, about the meaning of a “no soliciting” sign on a residential door. It’s there for a purpose.

Kudos for our new district attorney. In the past no one cared about the “small crimes.” All our old DA wanted was the big headline cases.

Any chance of President Obama using executive privilege to run for a couple more terms?

Aren’t you a little concerned the NSA wants to “secretly” know all your secrets? I would hope America is the last place in the world these gestapo-type tactics would be tolerated.

Until Congress makes a law establishing a religion, there is zero violation. Let the creches abound.

To appear credible, Keystone pipeline extension opponents (July 30 Letters to the Editor) should get their facts straight. No extension is planned for Kansas. The pipeline is already in place in Kansas and has been carrying tar sands oil for at least two years.

A letter writer said “cut, poison and burn” cancer treatment will never work. That’s exactly the treatment I had for breast cancer 17 years ago, and here I am. Survival rates for all cancers are way up thanks to new drugs coupled with that old method. Don’t knock it.

Regarding “Diaper crisis among poor families” (July 31 Eagle): If you cannot afford disposable diapers, buy cloth diapers. Wash them, dry them on a line outside, and reuse. It’s very economical and better environmentally.

With cloth diapers, one would have to maintain a diaper pail and do laundry frequently. But the mother mentioned was not working and should have the time. Just another example of how giving things to people makes them expect more. There is no God-given right to disposable diapers.

With all kinds of birth control readily available, why in this day and age are people having babies when they can’t afford diapers for them?

I witnessed a miracle recently. A car made a complete stop before making a right turn on a red light.

If you want food delivered to your house, please put up house numbers that are clearly visible from the street.

Hey, girls – pasta salad is not really a salad. It’s a potato with butter on it.

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