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08/04/2013 12:00 AM

08/02/2013 5:38 PM

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Bradley Manning is a hero in my eyes. And so is Edward Snowden. America is worth saving.

Vladimir Putin granted Snowden asylum because he has absolutely no respect for our administration. There seems to be a lot of that going around.

Where are Sen. Joseph McCarthy and his investigation of communists in our federal government when we really need them?

Obama and his lackeys have decided “phony scandals” is the 2014 catchphrase. There is nothing phony about a dead border agent, four dead in Benghazi, and citizen targeting by the IRS and NSA. The real scandal is a president sworn to uphold the Constitution violating it for political purposes.

Benghazi is a phony scandal, not a phony tragedy.

Phony scandals? Phony president.

Should a billionaire industrialist be required to pass a background check before purchasing a U.S. congressman?

If we eliminate the minimum wage can we impose a maximum wage, too?

Do all these Koch bashers realize that if not for people like Charles Koch paying taxes, there would be no money for their welfare? Atlas shrugged for a reason.

The Central Library and city parks seem to be the unwanted stepchildren of the city because they are not profitable. Not everything in libraries can be found on an electronic device, and some things never will be. A lot of citizens cannot afford to go to the zoo.

I am a frequent patron of the Wichita libraries. The downtown facility is a beautiful building, architecturally and functionally. We don’t need a new building – maybe just some updates to the existing space.

A lot of taxpayer money was spent to study and plan the new library. Now the City Council has cold feet. Why? Oil? Politics? The city deserves more from the council. Check out the fabulous library in Topeka. We expect no less in the largest city in this state.

The city should be ashamed for taking so long in helping those residents of the Southlake Village Apartments whose homes were destroyed by the police standoff. They are innocent victims and should be reimbursed forthwith.

Former residents of Southlake Village are asking the taxpayers to bail them out. Some of us are smart and responsible enough to pay a few extra bucks each month for renters’ insurance.

I’ve been meaning to thank community leaders for the incredible bike path system. These days I’m riding the entire east side of Wichita, about 35 miles. I only need to ride on surface streets for about 8 miles, and most of those are fairly tame.

It’s great to see our rivers back. Try walking across them now.

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