Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 2)

08/02/2013 12:00 AM

08/01/2013 6:20 PM

Christians who violate a commandment or other biblical teaching are still Christians. Therefore, gay Christians are still Christians. Pope Francis got it right.

It has always been taught in the Catholic faith – you can read it in the catechism – that we are not to judge homosexuals or to judge, period. This is not new.

Regarding a suggestion that Republicans “with any self-respect and dignity would refuse Social Security retirement money”: Quit taking Social Security taxes from my check, give me my money back, and I will gladly refuse Social Security retirement money.

Every American should have the option of having the same insurance that President Obama has, and all those in the House and Congress.

Obama is managing the decline of the nation, instead of trying to improve the trajectory. He embraces failure rather than progress. This is a great country, but it is increasingly obvious that we lack, and urgently need, skillful and positive leadership.

Sen. John McCain called Russia’s granting of asylum to Edward Snowden “a deliberate effort to embarrass the United States.” McCain (and Obama) are very capable of embarrassing the U.S. without any help from Russia.

Multimillionaire John Jacob Astor quipped: “A man with a million dollars today is as well-off as if he were rich.” I have been informed that if I make $34,000 a year, I’m in the top 1 percent – as well-off as multibillionaire Charles Koch. I’m so happy I could – sneeze.

The Koch brothers wish to control one thing: money. If they are truly concerned about the future of the United States, they will gladly pay Uncle Sam back for all the subsidies paid to them over the years, with interest. Or is government welfare just for the wealthy?

“History can affect attitudes” (Aug. 1 Letters to the Editor) was the best piece of wisdom written in a long time. Everybody should have a chance to read it.

It’s alarming that the younger generations don’t know anything about Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, William Boyd (“Hopalong Cassidy”), Gene Autry, Randolph Scott or any of the other actors in Westerns from that wonderful period in cinema and TV.

Many of us have tolerated your noisy, unruly children in restaurants, businesses and other public places for years. Can we please have a break? Tone it down a little.

I feel much safer when Kellogg speeders have sped their way out of my vicinity. The true hazards on Kellogg are those who “cruise” in the innermost passing lane, congesting traffic behind them.

Greek frozen yogurt – yum.

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