Opinion Line (Aug. 2)

08/01/2013 5:58 PM

08/01/2013 5:58 PM

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Go ahead and drill for oil downtown. Have the royalty checks sent to the Wichita Children’s Home.

A HUD official criticized Sedgwick County for reducing housing assistance spending, rather than praising the reduction. This is why the U.S. economy is doomed to collapse. Welfare programs will continue to grow out of control with people like this running them.

The fact that we need less Section 8 housing than federal bureaucrats think we need is a good sign, not the disaster they portray.

It’s unfortunate that so many believe the government needs to “fix the economy.” The record shows that whenever the feds try to “fix” it, they make it worse. Hands off, and let the free market roll.

Better incentives for truckers, farmers and teachers could benefit all classes of people. Helping them actually helps us live a better life. So why would anyone want to make it harder on ourselves?

I fail to understand why Congress is so concerned about the U.S. Postal Service’s finances when never in the history of the U.S. has Congress been able to handle its own finances or accounting.

I would recommend eliminating Saturday delivery rather than eliminating house delivery. One has to consider the folks with disabilities.

Discontinuing Saturday mail service is harmful to the environment, because it would take an extra two days to get all those urgent catalogs, calendars, greeting cards, fund solicitations and other important items we receive on Saturday into the recycle bin.

Our out-of-state guests loved Exploration Place but were disgusted by our river and the trash everywhere. A science museum should clean up its grounds. Kids were talking about the poor turtles swimming in trash at a place they should be learning about taking care of the world. Embarrassing.

So nice to see Westurban Baseball Complex dumping thousands of gallons of water on its land during the pouring rains. Water conservation doesn’t apply to everyone, nor does common sense.

Nothing could have pleased me more than seeing the pictures of the most-wanted gang members (July 30 Eagle). It had been too long since we had heard about the gang unit of the Wichita Police Department and the effort that is needed to rid our city of these leeches.

Bravo. Print the gang members’ photos every day. They should get wise enough to “get out of Dodge.”

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